About this project

JPEG_KM_Analog_Dialogue Show Image.jpegI try to explore generosity with my art.

I choose to work through collage and watercolor because they have a handmade quality that can be scarce in the digital age.

We so rarely receive something handmade—whether it’s a meal, a letter, or an object—when we receive an item that has been made for us we tend to cherish it.  Most of what I create is made to be given away, and my hope is that the receiver feels encouraged by the artwork.

Each collage on view has an opening line of text from a letter someone has been meaning to send.

I asked friends and family to give me the first line of a letter they’ve been writing in their heads for days, weeks or years but for one reason or another hadn’t yet taken the time to put pen to paper and send.

My hope is that these unsent lines would inspire you to send a letter yourself to someone you’ve meant to write.

All of the artwork on view is available for free—however, you cannot keep it for yourself.  You must send it to someone else.

To claim a collage please visit this page and fill out the appropriate information.

Special Thanks: Britannie Bond, Christina Watkins, Emily Casey, Emily Champlin, Emily Fischer, Gregory Peters, Hope Hudson-Haynes, James Dunn, Jana Ross, Jen Kleven, Joe Ruffner, Justin Favela, Kaitlin Byrd, Krystal Ramirez, Leah Walsh-Alvarez, Leigh Raymond, Lindsay Verstegan, Liz Vital, Lori Wolter-Hudson, Mari Jauregui, Mikayla Whitmore, Nate Dufort, Polly Hubbard, Sarah Kirkham, Sarah Lohman, Suzy Hunt, Taylor Bailey, Tonopah Greenlee, Vichet Chum, Winchester Cultural Center.

And most importantly thank you to my husband and my family for their continued support.